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We ship all packages through the United States Postal Service (USPS). .

Please note that we acknowledge all postal holidays.

Any orders after 2pm EST will be processed the next business day.

It is the customer's responsibility to make any updates to their Paypal profiles, such as name and address changes.

Please note: Shipping to countries outside of the U.S can be a risk due to regulations and policies of certain destinations.

Shipping Questions...


Question: I waited too long to order my Thyro-Gold and now I am completely out. You don't offer an express shipping option on your check out page and I don't want to wait 3-5 days for delivery. What can I do?  [Anna - February 2015]  

Tammy:  You can contact the distribution center at 316-351-7825 and they can rush your order according to your needs and request.

Question: Your International shipping cost is really high, and when I received it  in the U.K I was forced to pay an additional VAT Tax and fee. Why is this? [William - August 2016]

Tammy: This is new occurrence implemented by the United Kingdom that is out of my control. They do often require a physical pick-up at the post office. This too, is out of my control and the control of our shipping team.

Question: I ordered yesterday through Paypal but realized this morning that my address is wrong since I moved. What can I do? [Carol - September 2018]

Tammy: It is vital to check your profile settings within Paypal and update accordingly to secure your default address. Paypal makes changes frequently and when updates occur whatever address is posted in the settings will continue to default for transactions and shipping. Once the product has left the hands of our shipping team as well as our facility  and is en route to its destination, any address changes at that time are difficult to manage.  However, feel free to contact our shipping team through the forum below with any urgent address changes. We're happy to see what we can do!

Shipping Fees



All orders shipped within the United States have a flat rate shipping cost of $15.00.


All order shipped outside the United States have a flat rate shipping cost of $40.00.

(Please note a 2 bottle minimum for all International orders.)

Refund Policy

Please note that our refund policy applies to unopened bottles only.

Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.

Refunds include the product price, excluding shipping costs.

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